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Full transparency

Obtain full transparency over all the workstreams involved in the delivery of a matter. Always stay on top of what is happening next and keep track of work as and when it is performed. Receive real-time MI to proactively identify and manage issues - and expose opportunities - as they arise to avoid scope and cost blowouts.

Costs control

Remaining on budget is always a concern when engaging external counsel. With Fibonacci’s financial tracker, you’ll be able to track project spend alongside the estimates to minimise cost blowouts.
Reduce emails
Communicate and collaborate effortlessly with your legal team and also your clients without the constant email back-and-forths, the uploading and downloading of documents and the updating of endless spreadsheets.
Full visibility
Obtain a birds eye view over work being performed by everybody in your team, as well as staying abreast of key impediments that may impact delivery. Automate and schedule reminders to ensure you’re always on the front foot. Never lose track of upcoming deadlines and key activities and easily provide real-time updates to your clients.
Built in collaboration with our Steering Group
Fibonacci has transformed how I manage complex multi-jurisdictional litigation. The platform provides unrivalled transparency and collaboration between the teams and projects in all countries. The automation of routine processes, along with real-time financial and status reports available to clients at the click of a button, generates significant efficiencies and allows the legal teams to better focus on the substantive legal issues.
Mark HiltonPartner, Bird & Bird
Flexible and adaptable, to suit your workflow
Whether for complex multi-jurisdictional litigation, or high-stakes and fast moving M&A transactions, or cross-border employment restructuring, Fibonacci can be assembled to suit various workflows.
Smarter matter intake and resource allocation
Gain full visibility from start to finish
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We no longer need to wait for developers to hack away at products that don't quite fit the bill. Fibonacci can be moulded - very quickly - to suit a plethora of our service offerings.
Karen Jacks CTO, Bird & Bird

Goodbye information overload

Fibonacci's suite of tools work together seamlessly in the one platform to keep work moving forward, no matter the complexity. Build project plans, discuss changes and track progress with all stakeholders without needing to leave Fibonacci. Sayonara, Excel and email!

Work more, do less

Automate almost any task or business process. Manual, repetitive and mundane tasks can now run on autopilot so that you can spend more time on getting the work done, not managing it.

Modular by design to suit your needs

Every organisation and practice area has different, unique demands and there's no one size fits all solution. That's why Fibonacci is built with total flexibility in mind to ensure your know-how can be incorporated into the platform.

Supercharge your legal technology arsenal

Our technology makes you more efficient, promotes collaboration, and results in productivity gains. But why limit the possibilities?

Fibonacci's open-access philosophy means that it's designed to work with your existing tools from other vendors, as well as being able to leverage future technologies.
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