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Fibonacci can be set up in a matter of seconds for smaller organisations. However, for those larger organisations who want to incorporate their well developed know-how and other technology products into Fibonacci, we offer a full range of professional services - with support from the industry’s leading legal technology implementation specialists - to help transition your workflow into Fibonacci.


Discovery & Design

In order to break the rules, we must understand these rules intimately. We will work with your organisation to truly understand your processes and know-how and work with your key stakeholders in identifying all possible areas of improvement.


Change-management and roll-out

Technology is not a panacea and there must be a structured approach in the roll-out of new solutions in order to effect change and develop new and best practices. We will guide you every step of the way to ensure your implementation of Fibonacci can meet your objectives.


Fibonacci's Legal Project Management Training

Staying ahead of the competition is a critical component to staying relevant. We’re focused on improving the quality of legal project management in the industry and can provide access to industry leading thought leaders to deliver valuable training solutions for you and your staff.

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Fibonacci allows us to transform leading legal departments worldwide at pace. With Fibonacci's flexibility and open integration philosophy, we're better able to help our clients design and roll-out systems that can truly expose new productivity and efficiency improvements across their workflow.
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